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We generally take care of the insurance included in the daily rate! It is a civil liability insurance that allows you to ride on a closed circuit insuring the damage caused to others out of competition. 

You can also take out additional insurance called Individual accident.

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cancellation insurance


We offer you insurance that allows you to cancel your day under certain conditions listed below.

- Justified cancellations are reimbursed at 100% for:
- Personal injury to the insured (traffic accident, on the track, domestic ... before driving)
- Illness of the insured
- Hospitalization of the insured
- Accident, illness or hospitalization of the spouse, ascending or descending to the 1st degree
- Death of the spouse, ascending or descending to the 1st degree in the 7 days preceding the date of the guaranteed event
- Birth of a child of the insured occurring in the 7 days preceding the day of driving
- Vehicle running, damaged on the road or on the circuit and no longer in working order, and whose repair time does not allow participation in the day of driving
- Theft of the vehicle during the driving day
- Invitation of the insured to a resit examination
- Convocation of the insured as a jury juror or witness
- Theft of identity papers essential to the insured to get to the day of driving

- Cancellations reimbursed at 70%:
- Any other justified reasons.
Example: refusal of leave, compulsory professional presence, vehicle breakdown, childcare, etc.

- Cancellation due to bad weather.
(valid in the event of bad weather on the day of travel or if bad weather forecast in the 4 days preceding the day of travel).


-In case of fall, 50% refund:

- Falls during the driving sessions that prevent participants from returning to the track (motorcycle or rider more operational) trigger the reimbursement of the reservation at 50% provided they have not completed more than 50% of the day's driving time. .
Ex: on 120 min of driving, not to have exceeded 60 min to be compensated.
To subscribe, it's simple, just go to the menu and select insurance subscription.


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